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Use the general configuration, the additional signal configuration and all trading features from your signals provider to make your own and complete trading strategy on your web interface. Easy, fast, powerful .

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Best Crypto Signals Providers

Quality signals only on CRYPTO-PHP with human charts analysis and complete support for the most populars signals providers such as Mining-Hamster, Crypto Quality Signal and Crypto Base Scanner.

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Bitcoin and Altcoins markets

With our trading bot, trade the best crypto signals on the bitcoin and altcoins markets using your general configuration and see your profit/loss on your intelligents markets balances .

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Trade the best crypto signals using our powerful trading bot

We are providing the most popular trading features without any limit

  • Easy configuration handling, all features infos on a simple mousehover
  • Monitor the price from differents sell zones for a drop and place your orders at the best times or use the simple take profit value
  • Buy and sell the best crypto signals in real time with a full support for the signals providers features
  • Make your manual action using the manual trading interface
  • Easy Stop loss configuration based on ask, bid, last or values from signals providers
  • Use your custom DCA strategy, the automated scalping one or create your own strategy
  • And many more powerful trading features ...

Crypto trading bot for the best signals

By using our trading bot, you might be surprised by how it's easy to use and how it's so powerful

Fast crypto signals

Real time reception, instant buy or sell, providers features handling and full logs

Cloud hosting

The power of a CLOUD VPS 100% dedicated to your personal bot

Best Trading features

DCA, Scalping, Trailing, Take profit, Stop loss and many more !


Active developement to keep the best features up to date and to add new ones !

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