Welcome to the CRYPTO-PHP bot website

Crypto-php is a automated trading bot for crypto-currency markets, each bot run on a personal VPS 24/24, you have full crontrol with a personal interface with many settings , it work on POLONIEX and BITTREX (more soon) .
It's very simple to use , just start/stop as you want and check activity in your web interface .
Price: $12/mo


  • Create a signal if price/volume change to (x)% in (x)duration
  • Save your btc with our cagnotte system
  • Select how the bot get the pairs (Best volumes/Custom volumes)
  • Cancel/sell your open order(s) with 3 click from your interface
  • Auto-stop function that monitor bitcoin price to prevent altcoin market dump
  • Auto-sell after buy at (x)%
  • Auto sell when order fall to -(x)% (Loss control)
  • Blacklist / Whitelist
  • Minimum/Maximum amount to make a order
  • Instant BUY/SELL from your interface
  • Change your timezone,fiat,apikey, language & more
  • Custom error message
  • A Lab for testing your configuration in a simulation
  • A full page dedicated to stats
  • No pump n' dump here
  • Secure & personal subdomain with SSL support

  • Trade mining hamster signals on your bot.
  • Also, we have a very useful community for making new suggestions and discuss about strategy.

    Bitcointalk thread: US | FR